How to Send BULK SMS

Tutorial on how to send bulk sms

How to Send BULK SMS

There are two ways to send bulksms on the SkyTechNG SMS Platform

  1. Quick Send
  2. Campaign Builder

Quick Send

This process is used when you are sending a message  to only one number.

how to send bulksms

Campaign Builder

This process is used when you are sending messages to more than one number (Multiple Numbers) at the same time


  • Write down the campaign name
  • Select the Sender ID you want to use
  • Select contact group if you have created any, if you have not, select country code and manually input the numbers using copy and paste, remember to use comma in separating the numbers, you can also use Semicolon, bar, Tab or new line (please do not forget to click on the appropriate button below the text area). the numbers should be written without the +234 country code
  • Select the Template if you have created any, else you will have to type your message manually in the message text area.
  • You can decide to schedule the campaign by checking the “Schedule” box or  click on the “Send” button to send the message

how to send bulksms

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